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Colleagues at Work

Agent Global Network

The ultimate network for senior & experienced advisors

Why choose our global network?

Highest levels of income and trail available on immediate selection to the role.

​Highest levels of income and trail available on immediate selection to the role. Astra offers a complete investment solution and ongoing management for your clients enabling you to focus purely on advice

The ability to operate globally as Astra is regulated in multiple jurisdictions so you can keep your clients wherever they may be.

Not an office based position, so you are free to operate and base yourself from wherever you choose.

We have an experienced admin team who will process your business and pay commissions quickly.

Excellent CRM system enabling you to monitor and review your clients information at any time provided you have an internet connection.


Members of the CISI & FEIFA enabling advisors to be member of these groups where appropriate.

The Ultimate Network

The Astra Global Network is the ‘ultimate solution’ for advisors with a minimum of 5 years experience. To join at this level you would also need to have a significant client bank you could bring across and continue to work with.

Advisors would also be responsible for their own training & CPD and would need to be able to submit clean business and be organised.



For advisors who have been working for many years and have built up significant client banks the only reason you would probably ever leave this profession is you are not happy with the company you are working with.


Often companies overlook their greatest resource which is their advisors and focus on the mundane and unimportant. When you have been successful as an advisor for a long time and have demonstrated you work in a professional and compliant manner you deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.


At Astra we understand this as the partners in the company setup Astra so we had the freedom to build a business for advisors. We are deadly serious about our business, our partners and our clients. We are not that serious about what people wear, what hours they work or where they work.

We believe that for those who have proven success in our business all we need to do is give you the space and the tools and the freedom to make your own choices so you can continue to do what you enjoy and have demonstrated you are good at.

Astra are moving forward and looking to recruit experienced advisors or small teams who are unhappy with their current arrangements.


If you are interested please contact us and come along for the ride; I believe this is a decision you will look back on in the years ahead with great satisfaction.


I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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Langhans Palace, Vodičkova, 110 00 Praha, Czechia

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