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Alquity is an asset management business that connects investors

to their investments and social progress in order to deliver better financial

outcomes for all.

Our investments target attractive returns across Africa, Asia and Latin

America through portfolios that play long-term themes via transparent

companies, with effective management who are aligned with shareholders.

Alquity funds are therefore responsible by construction, targeting consistent out-performance whilst contributing to long-term growth. This philosophy resonates across the broader business; we encourage fund manager engagement and are happy to share our analysis.


Further, at the corporate level we reinforce that social progress should drive financial success by donating a proportion of our management fees to development projects in the regions in which we invest. In this way, our business aligns the values of investors, employees, holdings and communities.

We believe these shared values are key to achieving enduring financial success.


Alquity Strategy

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The Alquity transforming lives foundation

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The Alquity Transforming Lives Foundation (“The Foundation”) is a UK registered charity (Number: 1162494) that distributes the revenues set aside by the Alquity business through grants and other forms of finance to charities and social enterprises in the regions in which the Alquity funds invest. The Foundation is governed separately from the Alquity business. The board of trustees consists of independent charity and business impact experts alongside Paul Robinson, Executive Chairman and Founder of Alquity and Chris Wehbé, Alquity CEO. 

Alquity Investment Management is an asset management business that connects investors to their investments and social progress in order to deliver better outcomes for all.

At the heart of Alquity lies a fundamental belief that by aligning the values of investors, employees, holdings and communities we can deliver enduring success.

Transforming Lives is how Alquity actively participates in the economic development of the communities within the regions in which we invest. We do this from the ground up, creating opportunities for individuals and communities to pursue and realize their ambitions. In this way we help build fairer more sustainable economies that respect all their constituents.

By harnessing this energy and talent, economies create wealth and provide more opportunities for businesses, including our fund holdings, to grow over the long term. This helps our funds deliver attractive returns for our investors and completes the Alquity Virtuous circle.

The Foundation is governed by the Charity Commission for England and Wales and submits an annual report on its activities. These can be viewed on the charity commission website (




Our websites shows information about the funds and services that the Astra Group provide but not any personal advice. If you are looking to invest or any find out any financial services please do not hesitate to get in touch and we can arrange an appointment with one of our financial advisors.

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