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Cash Management

If you have disposable income, which you would not want to invest in a traditional sense and would rather keep safe, we can offer a tax efficient solution for you. We will work closely with you to help select the product that meets your liquidity, security and yield requirements.

Money Market Funds

These funds are suitable for short-term investments, as they invest in money market instruments with a maturity of one year maximum. The objective would be to provide you with a competitive investment, that is consistent with the security of capital and a high degree of liquidity. Our providers are respectable fund management houses. Multiple currencies are available.  It is important that you understand that, unlike bank accounts, these funds can fall in value as well as rise. You might get back less than you invest

Foreign Exchange Money Transfers

Whether you are transferring savings or making payments in a foreign currency to an overseas account (e.g. your mortgage instalment or children’s school fees), you want to get the most from any currency transfer. If you need a service that will not charge you commission, is fast and offers better exchange rates than any high street exchange or bank, we can help. Please get in touch and speak to one of our advisers for more information. 

Bank Deposits

We identify the best deposit options across a panel of approved banks and you can then easily access them through us. We can even handle the process of account opening for you. Our partner banks are typically a part of robust compensation schemes and are based in tax efficient jurisdictions. Multiple currencies are available.


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We can discus your situation over various different communication methods, from emails to social chat or calls to suit you and you busy life style.

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