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Investing With Astra

Astra have invested heavily into technology and training to make sure we are able to offer you understandable, transparent and cutting-edge investment solutions.

Our Investment Team regularly attend seminars and conferences, and meet with many of the top global fund managers to help us achieve performance in line with the objectives we have discussed with you.


The Investment Team are an integral part of Astra but are truly independent in terms of the research they undertake. The Astra Investment team continuously monitors and speaks with the fund managers we use to make sure they deliver for clients. This helps clients to understand what the fund managers are doing with their Investment as they will provide examples of what they are investing into.

Key aspects of our investment management service:

A defined, structured and repeatable investment process

A dedicated team of experts who are subject to strict internal controls

Access to a wide range of investments worldwide

Ability to maximise returns without exceeding the agreed level of risk

Our Investment Philosophy


Achieving the right balance between different asset classes is key to producing sustainable returns. By being active investors, we seek to add value through both tactical asset allocation decisions and individual security selection. The purpose of tactical asset allocation is to enhance returns and reduce losses by making adjustments to the strategic framework. This process involves tilting the mix of asset classes based on our analysis of global economic and political events, and then expressing our views by selecting the most appropriate investments.

Risk Management

All investments we choose for a client need to be suitable for their investor profile; having a full insight into client circumstances and needs helps us to determine this. Monitoring risk is crucial when managing a portfolio of investments. We ensure the level of risk taken is appropriate and remains consistent with client investment objectives, however volatile markets may become.


Our portfolios are diversified across asset classes, regions, sectors and fund houses. There is strong evidence for the benefits of diversification such as, it minimises the risk of loss to your overall portfolio, exposes you to more opportunities for return, safeguards your against adverse market cycles and reduces volatility.

Research and
Investment Freedom

We continuously identify, monitor and review investment opportunities in order to be best positioned to make informed decisions. As we are not tied or biased in our investment selection process, we can choose from a virtually unlimited pool of assets to find the ones that, in our view, have the best expected risk-adjusted returns.

The Portfolio Management Framework

The core to successful portfolio management is the understanding of a client’s financial objectives and attitude to risk, and then tailoring the portfolio accordingly. Astra use a wide range of investment styles that fit specific investor profiles, with an emphasis on the appropriate diversification across asset classes and the use of what we believe are best in class fund managers. Portfolios are constructed in a strictly disciplined manner – we use an active management approach and review portfolios on an on-going basis, making sure that we take advantage of market opportunities. We provide clients with regular valuations so they can monitor progress of their investments. For those clients who wish to learn more about the markets and how this affects their investments we send out a regular newsletter outlining our current views and expectations.

Our approach towards managing client assets can be summarised in the six key steps:













Investor Profile Identification

Investment Strategy Formulation

Asset allocation

Portfolio construction


Regular reporting


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