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Lump Sum Investing

Lump Sum Investing

Astraasia offer a vast range of lump sum products for clients. We can start these plans from as little as $10,000 or equivalent and offer 100% allocation.


This means 100% of your money is working from day one to provide returns for you. Astraasia will manage this money for you and provide regular reports and valuations. Clients can also monitor their investments online 24/7.


We offer a range of different lump sum products depending on your circumstances and what you are looking for:



  • Tax free growth

  • Wide range of fund choice

  • Ability to set account up with multiple owners for ‘estate planning’

  • Easy to nominate beneficiary.

  • Generally free switching between funds.

  • Can appoint an Investment Manager.

  • Product is fully portable and works all over the world.

  • Easy to access funds and also top up when funds available.

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Lump sum investing is ideal for those who acquire these funds through work, selling of other assets like property, inheritance or other means.


Working with Astraasia we can tailor your investment to suit your needs with regard to choosing funds and accessibility for future needs like retirement, buying a house or education costs for children.


With banks still offering almost zero interest on most accounts it makes sense to invest spare capital you have to make sure your money is working for your interests rather than let the banks benefit.



Our websites shows information about the funds and services that the Astra Group provide but not any personal advice. If you are looking to invest or any find out any financial services please do not hesitate to get in touch and we can arrange an appointment with one of our financial advisors.

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