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Portfolio Management

Whether you are looking for someone to manage your existing portfolio, or would like to set up a new investment policy, we can assist you.

We are trusted to deliver actively managed, tax-efficient portfolios to our clients. Our service is flexible and applicable to almost any investment medium, including offshore bonds, regular saving plans and pension policies

The financial consultant’s role is to understand the client’s current situation, assess his or her goals and objectives, analyse the gap between the two and finally deliver a structure to bridge that gap. Consultants typically cover a wide spectrum of areas, such as retirement planning, protection, estate planning. Still, when it comes to investments, whilst they need to have a good understanding as to how this fits with financial planning and be up to date with the investment world, consultants are not and should not be seen as investment managers. We firmly believe it is not an adviser’s job to research, pick and trade funds for their clients. It is a full-time activity that requires thorough involvement on a daily basis.

This is why we employ a dedicated Investment Manager to work with both consultants and clients, to design suitable portfolios, oversee and adjust them on a regular basis. This proves to be the best of both worlds: on the one hand, communication between the client, the adviser and the Investment Manager is easier, so portfolio objectives are always accurate. And on the other hand, the Investment Manager has the expertise and time to independently choose the right strategy and individual investments.

Our First Steps With You


Over a series of meetings, the adviser helps the you establish the best investment solution for your own personal objectives and situation, or reassess their existing one. This will include analysing the term over which the policy will run, the contribution level and the most effective investment vehicle. The adviser will also explain and assist the client to identify the level of risk exposure they are comfortable with, so that the right strategy can be chosen.


Once a plan has been drawn up and agreed with you, the adviser will hand over the portfolio management to the Investment Manager


The establishment of a plan is by no means the end of the adviser’s role, as he/ she remains the client’s primary contact and provides regular servicing, and also coordinates communication between the Investment Manager and the client. All three parties work together on achieving the client’s ultimate goals.

Features & Benefits

Complimentary Review of Your Investment Portfolio 

Do you have an existing portfolio and would like to receive a non-obligation, free of charge and unbiased review?

Consider it a ‘test drive’ to see how we think and how we would work with you, to structure a portfolio that best meets your needs, should you decide to become a client.


On average, according to data from 2014, the annual cost of being a student in the UK is GBP 23,521 in London, or GBP 22,189 outside London. If your children attend university 10 years from now and if we assume that inflation for university fees is 3% (this is a conservative figure), then the above figure would look more like GBP 30,689 for London and GBP 28,951 outside London.

If you have 2 children who will start university in 10 years in the UK (outside London) and have a study period of 4 years, the total cost could be: 2 children x GBP 28,951 per annum x 4 years = GBP 231,608. This is a very daunting figure and demonstrates why it is important to carefully plan ahead.

Free Investment Projection

We have provided some of our investment projections for the 3 various investment types Cautious / Balanced and Growth.


Your Next Steps? Get In Touch!

Get in touch with us today to find out more about how Astra can be the right choice for you and to help you with your finances going forward.

We can discus your situation over various different communication methods, from emails to social chat or calls to suit you and you busy life style.

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