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Astraasia & CISI Meeting


Friday 14th December, 2018.

Astraasia hosted the 2nd National Advisory Council [NAC] meeting in the Philippines. Andrella Guzman - Sandejas provided an update on the progress the CISI was making in the Philippines since the last meeting.

During the meeting the NAC discussed ways to further strengthen the CISI brand in the Philippines using social media. The CISI has been working in the Philippines for some time now and has had many success stories with students who have done CISI exams and gone on to start successful careers either abroad or at home.

It was felt that by highlighting these success stories it would provide powerful examples to the ‘added value’ CISI offers compared to its competitors in the market. 

Andrella concluded the meeting by discussing how we could use these stories to help increase membership to the CISI and increase the number of students taking and passing CISI exams. In the past the percentage of students passing the CISI exam was low. The Council felt that by highlighting the power of passing CISI exams to give students a greater success in obtaining good employment, results should improve.

The next meeting of the NAC would be held during the first quarter of 2019 and would be held while one of the senior executives of the CISI from the UK, was in Manila. Before then the NAC would work together under the guidance of Andrella to further develop the CISI in the Philippines.


Andrella Guzman-Sandejas | CISI

Marc Gulle | CISI

James Hartland | Astraasia

Mark John Abelada | HSBC

Mark Valino | Pru Life

CISI - Chartered Institute for Securities & Investments

NAC - National Advisory Council

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