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Investment Morning Briefing Manila 2019

The investment team and part of the management team were delighted to attend the recent event in Manila organized by Fund Selector Asia and Last Word Media.

It was great to see an event like this in Manila and also an excellent turnout. The Astra Investment Team have been busy this last quarter attending events like this and also in Hong Kong. These events help to give us clarity on what is happening around the world which helps us to better manage client investments.

During the recent event, we got to hear from three of the most prestigious global fund managers who each spoke at length about their current views on global markets and where they see opportunity.

T. Rowe Price kicked off the event and their talk revolved around ‘emerging markets’ and why now, maybe a good time to reinvest in this unloved corner of the market.

Emerging Markets have performed poorly over the past few years but T Rowe Price feels that provided you have a balanced attitude to risk and a reasonable time frame this sector could excel in the coming years.

The next speaker was Janus Henderson who focused on their global property fund. This fund has performed well recently and helps clients diversify into a sector of the market which has been traditionally less volatile than equities. Many of the investments in this fund also provide a rental return which helps reduce the risk to an investor.

The options open to the fund manager as highlighted during the talk are enormous and vary from office space in major cities to industrial warehouses in Europe or the US. The fund manager highlighted the issues with high street retail in the western world but also discussed the opportunities created by online sales and the increasing demand for warehouse space near customers.

The last company to speak were BNY Mellon who focused on looking for income in uncertain times. The session discussed the various merits of investing in long and short term bonds and explained where they saw the best value.

Events like this help us to better understand the markets which should ultimately help us to deliver more consistent performance for clients. The Investment Universe is enormous and it is only through continuing to speak with fund managers and staying open to new ideas that we will be able to continue to deliver real value to clients.

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