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National Advisory Council [NAC]


It feels great that the NAC is now up and running in the Philippines and congrats to Andrella for making this happen.

The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investments [CISI] has helped with financial education in many countries around the world having a long term positive impact.

I am proud to be a part of the NAC in the Philippines and in time we hope to emulate our colleagues around the world by improving financial literacy and education.

Now the CISI has also strengthened its relationship with the “securities and exchange commission’ in the Philippines which regulates the market here, it also gives us the opportunity to make sure the end consumer also benefits by getting cost effective products and quality advice.

These are big goals but the CISI has achieved this in many markets where it has worked; and the quicker change comes the quicker the end user will get the financial products they deserve.

Click Here to view meeting minutes

Click Here to view CISI NAC document

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