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Brooks Macdonald | Responsible Investment: preparing for the future of finance


Many people want to support a sustainable, greener, cleaner future. Cutting pollution, choosing companies with transparent supply chains, and reducing use of plastic bags and disposable coffee cups are decisions that we make on a daily basis, and we do this without compromising on quality. When it comes to investment, we believe likewise that investors do not need to compromise their future returns in order to invest responsibly.

Responsible investment is an exciting and growing area of finance, and over recent years the demand for investment solutions from both institutional and retail investors has increased. According to research by Greenwich Associates1, 96% respondents consider ESG (environmental, social and governance) investing to be a long-term trend, and 67% expect an increase in 3-year demand. We believe this trend will continue to strengthen; there is a greater and more vocal appreciation of global sustainability challenges, coupled with a realisation that action needs to be taken. At a government and supranational level, support for sustainability solutions and innovation has created a positive backdrop for businesses with good corporate practices and sustainable operations, and in some cases has begun to penalise those businesses that lag behind.


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