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We are experts in providing independent financial planning solutions for our clients worldwide, from our offices in Europe and Asia. From pensions, investments, protection, estate planning to mortgage and property solutions, our broad range of services is designed to help your financial needs.

At Astra we offer advice based on our structured advisory process, comprehensive investment services and a wide product spectrum, that can be tailored to clients’ needs. Whether you are starting a family or planning to retire, looking to fund your retirement, your children’s or grandchildren’s education or the purchase of a home, or indeed seeking to address health care needs, you need a wealth plan. Our financial advisers work with clients to create this roadmap to their future, adapting to changing circumstances over time, helping them achieve and protect their goals.

We aim to build Astra as a dynamic business, focused on enhancing the interests of our clients. Our modern approach to wealth management means you can partner with one of our dedicated advisers to build a relationship, defined by your goals, preferences and active involvement.

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